• Anywhere Fireplace Oasis

    $159.95 $129.99


    Its modern style and unique design makes the Anywhere Fireplace™ Oasis a favorite for the ambiance of a small fire indoors or outdoors. It can be placed on a table as a center piece or along a walkway ,patio or poolside to provide the interesting and distinctive glow of the real fire.

    Liven your living space with this portable fireplace. White polished rocks are provided, however you can choose to replace them with other color rocks, marbles, shells, sea glass etc. to suit your mood, a holiday or to change things up a little.

    • Brushed Stainless Steel Indoor/Outdoor fireplace
    • Ventless, needs no chimney, no gas or electric hook up
    • Burns using Gel Fuel Canisters*
    • Sits on any level surface
    • Measurements: 13.5”W at top x 7.75”W at bottom x 7.75”H
    * Note: This fireplace uses a Gel Fuel that comes in a canister, not liquid fuel like the other Anywhere Fireplaces.