• Anywhere Fireplace Madison

    $435.95 $399.99


    The indoor/outdoor Madison model Anywhere Fireplace™  will give any space that WOW factor. Its grand size and clean elegant lines is truly a show stopper and focal point as it sits on the floor of your living room, bedroom, patio, porch…. No need to install gas lines or undergo major construction to get the ambiance of a large fireplace.

    It is specially made with an outdoor grade powder coating so you can choose to use it outdoors as well as indoors and the elements will not affect its satin black finish. You will not want to leave the burner outdoors however because you don’t want to get water in it.

    • Black satin painted finish with tempered glass on 2 sides
    • Ventless, needs no chimney, no gas or electric hook up
    • Burns using a Liquid Ethanol fuel for fireplaces
    • Stands on any level surface
    • Measurements: 28”L x 14”W x 23.5”H
    • Weighs 38 lbs.
    Recommended Fuel: ONLY USE liquid-bio-ethanol fuel for ventless fireplaces. Never substitute another fuel.