• Moda Flame FP-1 Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel (4 Gallons)

    $139.95 $109.99

    Enjoy Moda Flame unique bio ethanol fuel developed completely from renewable resources. Moda Flame Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel is proudly made in the USA. This fuel is clean burning and designed for ventless fireplaces. It is vent-free, non-toxic, smokeless, odorless and environmentally friendly fireplace fuel. This fuel burns clean, producing  CO2 and steam in similar proportions as that exhaled by humans. Moda Flame Fuel is rigorously consistently tested to ensure that air quality complies with the strict international government regulations.


    • Denaturated Alcohol
    • For child safety, bitterant is added as a human aversive. It's overwhelming bitter taste helps prevent accidental ingestion by children and small animals.
    • We recommend ONLY using Moda Flame™ ethanol fireplace fuel for ALL ventless ethanol fireplaces.
    • Clean, Pure Plant-Based Fuel
    • 100% Natural Alcohol
    • Clean Burning Fuel - NO Soot or Hazardous Fumes.
    • No Oil Products Added.
    • THIS FUEL ONLY SHIPS TO Continental states of USA